What if you are afraid to raise your hand in the classroom? You rather pretend you understand it all. If only the others don’t watch you. Or laugh about you. You just write down anything, you’ll see later. Thus you try to keep you fear under. As if you’re in a swimming pool keeping a ball under water. You can’t go on swimming: your hands aren’t free any more.

Swimming this way isn’t any fun! If you release the ball, it might still keep on drifting near you. But at least you can swim now. The ball drifts away. Nice: you’re not fighting your fear any more. You know it’s still there. Although this is not a pleasant feeling, you can now do what you really like. The more often you succeed in doing this, the less fear will come wispsering in your ear.

You can learn not to let yourself be distracted by unpleasant things happening. If you practice this you will end daring what needs to be done. Like asking for help, without caring what others may think. You don’t have to pretend anymore, which resulted in making mistakes on and on. This is what ACT4kids wants to achieve: putting you back in control of your life.

ACT4Kids works with animals and symbols who become your helpers. They support you to learn to endure unpleasant things. A lot of bad things happen to us in life, without being able to change them. There’s an annoying bully in your class, your little brother seems to do everything faster and better than you, your parents are separating or you become seriously ill.

Why should you have to carry all your grief alone? May be there’s an animal that can carry it on its back for you. You’ll learn to be kind to yourself and discover the powers of cats. You’ll get into the driver’s seat of your life and you will be the one to decide where you want to go.

ACT4Kids starts with a free interview about your wish for change and your parent(s) or caretaker(s) wishes. I can coach you at school, in your home, outside or online. You can also come alone.