What if your child is not doing so well any more …

Every child can have a period in which things aren’t going that well. This will often pass by itself. But sometimes the discomfort may grow into an obstacle that gets in the way more and more. How do you help your child to get through? You don’t consider the problem serious enough for visiting a therapist. In these cases seeing a child coach is an appropriate choice.

Your child gets angry more quickly or is often scared. It is sad or shy and fearful of many things. Your child may have few friends and finds it difficult to stand up for itself. Falling asleep is difficult, your child has intense dreams and cannot concentrate properly at school. Perhaps your child is not proud of itself, does not enjoy learning or finds some tasks at school difficult. In short, things are not going smoothly: at home, at school or elsewhere.

Often children cannot tell themselves what the problem is. This can also be challenging for youngsters. As a parent you may not always find out what is bothering your child. Precisely because you are so close.


provides short-term, effective guidance which learns the child to deal with difficult feelings, thoughts or physical sensations. Through specific games and exercises that match experience and age, your child will discover its own obstacles. By practicing skills it will develop new behavior that allows the child to face challenges more easily. Thus improving self-confidence the child will feel less burdened. I will help you as a parent to support your child in this process.

Even if your child mainly shows difficulties in learning or performance, it is important to look at the whole context of your childs behavior. Learning and emotions are closely linked, also when everything goes well. Just zooming in on fear of failure, math problems or procrastination is insufficient as long as underlying emotions are not recognised and adressed.

Child coaching & ACT4Kids

gives your child a powerful boost, which makes room for positive beneficial choices, despite difficult feelings that may present themselves. A powerful contribution to your childs well-being!